Have you heard of Processing?

Processing is a computer programming language that was created as a collaboration between computer scientists and artists; it’s a visual programming language.

I love it because it has such great beginner resources, including a wonderful beginner’s guide, “Getting Started With Processing.”

There’s only one problem with Processing: Java, and in particular, Java’s broken relationship with the web. Java is another programming language that Processing relies on (in fact, Processing is sometimes called a “dialect” of Java). But due to silly corporate conflicts and lousy browser support, a lot of java applets no longer work in modern browsers. That’s not cool if you want your work on the web.

But so many people really like Processing, that some helpful folks wrote Processing.js, which takes your Processing scripts (Processing folks call scripts “sketches”) and translates them on the fly to Javascript, which IS supported by every browser in the land.

If you see a box and a circle below, you’re seeing Processing.js at work. I’ll be publishing a tutorial on this, but in the meantime, I just wanted to show you (and prove to myself!) that it works.

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