Easter eggs have a long and storied history in computer programming.  Clever coders hide “easter eggs” in programs or video games that appear when a user knows the secret combination of keys or actions, or in some cases, the easter eggs just appear on certain days (often holidays).

If you cut and paste this code into the Processing IDE and hit “Play,” you’ll get a simple Easter greeting.  Can you change the colors?  How about changing the color of each egg using a for loop?

I’m using the 2.0b7 version of the Processing IDE — I haven’t been able to get 2.0 Beta 8 working on my machine. That’s the first one on the download page, so to get to 2.0b7 you gotta scroll down to “Pre-Releases.”

I used a decorative font for this sketch. You do that by going to Tools > Create Font in the Processing IDE. If you don’t take that step, I think it will default to plain text.

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