Data Visualization & Intro to Tableau, May 1, 2017 Getting Ready Software: If you haven’t already, download the free version of Tableau and install it on your computer. Data sets: Download the Global Superstore dataset. This is a .zip file. Create a folder on your desktop called Tableau, put the .zip file in there, and unzip it. You will see a file called Global_Superstore.xls. If that link doesn’t work for you, try downloading this:¬†Global Superstore¬†(.XLS). Unit 1: History & Intro to Data Visualization We will dive into the history of data visualization and the basics of matching your dataset to an effective visualization. Exercise 1: Starting With Paper If you were designing a data dashboard for your life, what would[…]

Scatterplot of cereal protein content and calories

This tutorial uses the Breakfast Cereal example data from Interactive Data Visualization and D3 example blocks by Mike Bostock and Michele Weigle. This tutorial is part of a course I teach — Fundamentals of Data Visualization — at General Assembly Boston. See Michele’s original example here: D3 Scatterplot Example. D3.js is the hottest web data visualization framework right now. But it can be difficult to work with unless you have a firm grounding in Javascript and can host your files on a webserver. This tutorial takes you through the process step-by-step without requiring you to know a lot of Javascript, and with a workaround that will let you quickly view your D3 visualizations without having to upload files to a[…]